Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Thank You

Well the wedding is done and dusted. Its time to move on, and therefore this will be my last post as "the wedding belle", I have however started my new blog called, if you would like to continue following my journey, My a wife.

All the wedding is now complete. We have recieved all of the wedding photos, got the photos frames, and printed that we needed to, we have also sent all of the thank you cards out to those beautiful family and friends who shared our day with us.

We checked that all bills had been paid, we enjoyed the most spectacular honeymoon.

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts, and that some of them helped make your wedding day special, or simply gave you a smile, or improved your day.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my wedding day plans, and I hope you will continue to read about what its like to be a wife.

Thanks again xxx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hamilton Island- Honeymoon Part 2

Day 5 of our honeymoon saw us arrive at Hamilton Island. We got to the Reef View Hotel at about 10am, left our bags until we could check in, and went for a bit of a quick walk around. After an hour we thought we would head back and wait in the lobby at the hotel. While we were there we noticed they had a tour/dinner booking service so we went and had a look at the different things that we could do.

We decided to book ourselves a night on the Dennison Star, it was seafood night, and since we were on our honeymoon we decided to also pay the little bit extra to have our own private section on the boat. We decided to leave our Saturday night free because we couldn't get into the Yacht Club on Saturday night, so booked that one for Sunday night instead. We also had Qualia booked for lunch on Sunday thanks to a friends wedding present.

Once we got our keys we headed up to level 14 to our ocean view room. The view was absolutely stunning. We decided to order room service for lunch and sit on the beautiful balcony. Then it was time to get ready for the Dennison Star.

We boarded the boat at about 5pm. We were greeted with a cocktail and canapes on arrival. It was delicious. We sat on the back deck with the other guests on the boat. Once we were on our way, we decided to make our way to the front of the boat to watch the sunset, it was stunning. Before we knew it, our meals were being served, we had a cold seafood platter and a hot seafood platter including oysters, bugs and crab. It was absolutely delicious. We got some absolutely stunning photos, we were looked after so beautifully. I felt like a princess. The dessert was amazing, we got a selection of cakes to share, mars bar slice, cheesecake, my mouth is still watering just thinking about it.

Saturday on Hamilton Island was another beautiful day. We ordered room service again for breakfast, which was delicious, I would recommend it to everyone. We were up early as my hubby was off to play at Hamilton Island golf course. He says that he got a little concerned when he got on the shuttle boat and the 4 men on the boat had shopping bags full of golf balls, because of the amount they lost last time. He on the other hand only lost 7 balls, but told me how amazing it was, and how he spent most of the time looking at the amazing view. While he was having an amazing golf morning, I decided to head to the Hamilton Island Day Spa for a stunning 2 hour massage. Again I felt like I was a princess. looked after so beautifully. The staff were so professional, after my massage I was offered a green tea and time to relax, after about 2.5 hours at the location, I decided to walk back to the hotel and go for a swim in the pool while I waited for the hubby to come home.

The pool at the Reef View Hotel was gorgeous. They serve cocktails and meals on the water, which we decided to order some wedges for lunch, eat on the side of the pool and simply relax in the sun. We then decided it was time to do some sight seeing. We walked down to the buggy hire, and hired a buggy for 2 hours. In our time driving around the island we saw two weddings, a lot of wild life, some stunning views, we stopped up at One Tree Hill for their cocktail hour, it was beautiful sitting up there watching the sun set.

After we dropped the buggy back off, we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. We hadn't decided where we wanted to go yet, but we ended up at the Pub for a Parma watching the footy on TV, it was one of the best parmas I have ever had, I am a sucker for a pub meal. After the meal we headed back to the ice creamery for dessert, stopped to watch one of the outdoor performances and then headed back to have a cocktail by the pool at the hotel.

Then it was Sunday, it was our last full day in paradise. I was excited because it was the day we got to go to Qualia for lunch! I had heard this was the most beautiful resort in Australia, and that my idol, Miranda Kerr holidays there. The Qualia team sent a shuttle to collect us, and off we headed, we were greeted and seated, it was a beautiful view, and when we arrived, we were the only people in the restaurant  Talk about exclusive! We decided to get the chicken wings and trio of dips for entree and the hot seafood platter and shared it between us, It was absolutely amazing. The meal was divine. We then had dessert and a cocktail, then it was time to go home, while we were waiting for our shuttle, one of the staff showed us the beach and told us a bit about what he does, and about the area.

I was so full, I think we both just layed down in the hotel and watched some football and netball on the TV, before we knew it we were having to get ready to head down to the yacht club, I wish that we were able to go at a different time because I simply was still so full from the Qualia meal, but the Yacht club does a fantastic meal, I had the chicken, and the hubby had the steak, we shared dessert and a bottle of wine and it was beautiful, The service was one of the best I had ever experienced. I recommend going there after having a light lunch to get the full experience.

Then it was the last night, we put our breakfast order on the door, and went to bed. So it was Monday morning and time to make the journey back home. We packed up our luggage, ate our breakfast on the balcony for the last time, and then went for a walk down to the Wildlife Park, we got our photo with the Koalas and met all the locals. Before we knew it, we were waiting for our shuttle to collect us and take us to the airport. I actually wanted to cry because I didn't want to go home. Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach had treated us so beautifully that they had found a place into my heart.

We boarded our plane to Sydney, we got the most amazing view of the islands on take off, once we got back to Sydney it was a little colder than what we had left a few hours earlier. We headed to the food court to get some lunch and then waited for our second flight to Melbourne, when we arrived home it was freezing! We did not want to be back in the cold! But hey the real married life had to start some time!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Day 3 was a relatively quiet day on the honeymoon. Sleep in, walks around Airlie beach, breakfast, swimming the pool, so beautiful...

Day 4, we were back at the touring! Ocean Rafting! It was amazing!!! Jump on their facebook page and watch their videos! Definitely worth it, got to head out to the beautiful whitehaven beach! Was just beautiful!

Day 5, it was transfer day, time to leave Airlie and head to Hamilton Island!!!

Will fill you more in on that one next time. I am thinking I will keep blogging, I may not be getting married anymore, or planning a wedding. But I am hoping I can share my thoughts on married life and everything the future has to hold!

Few more pics for those who want to see :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The day after...

The day after was a weird day, coming down from all of the excitement from the day before. It was a busy day too, running around collecting things from the reception venue, catching up with family, cleaning and tidying everything up after the wedding, of course opening presents and packing for the honeymoon. Our first day as husband and wife flew by, nearly as quickly as the day before...

Before I knew it, it was 5am and we were getting up to get ready to go on our honeymoon, I have never been more excited to get away and enjoy some quality time with my now husband. After the stress and tiredness associated with the wedding, I think I was actually looking forward to the honeymoon more than the wedding by the end.

We arrived at the airport, checked in, and headed off to get some brekky, we boarded our plane for Brisbane, it was empty! we pretty much has a whole section of the plane to ourselves, some time to just enjoy each others company. We then had a 4 hour stop over at Brisbane airport, a very long time, but we headed to the pub at the airport, watched some TV, Had a parma and a few drinks, then boarded our second plane of the day to Proserpine. From Proserpine airport, we were bussed into Airlie Beach.

Airlie was beautiful, its not like anywhere else I had seen before. It is the gateway to the whitsunday islands. Its absolutely stunning, full of restaurants, cafes, and beautiful dining places. We stayed at Waters Edge resort, the room was stunning, we got a champagne on arrival, the first night we stuck to our ritual signature dish and headed out for thai!

Day Two, we headed off on a Whitsundays cruise to the Great Barrier Reef, it was a 3 hour boat ride there and back, but its something I would reccommend to everyone!!! Cant wait to fill you in with more details and some photos soon xx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Reception

Was by far one of the most memorable nights of my life!!!!

It was everything we wanted, well mostly! The cake wasnt quite what I had ordered, but who cares, It still tasted good!!!

The colours came up great, I loved the candy bar! Loved the Photobooth! Loved the first dance!!! I can't put it to heres some pictures!!! Video at

Friday, 5 April 2013

About 3:40pm March 23rd

It was time to roll. The part of the song was up where Dad and I started walking down the aisle! Off we went. I refused to let myself cry, even though I wanted too, I did tear up a little though. Before I knew it, I was at the alter standing next to my man and ready to go...

The story was told, our vows were said, and we were pronounced husband and wife! We signed the registry, everyone grabbed a drink and we did a cheers at the end of the ceremony and then proceeded to leave for photos. I got lots of horse shoes, and lots of photos were taken, lots of hugs and kisses along the way. We got to the end and waited for people to follow us through. It was great being able to see everyone. The time flies!!!

We were off taking photos and before we knew it we were being picked up to go to the reception, we got all the photos that we wanted as far as we know, ofcourse it takes a month or so before we see the professionals, but I have seen a number of friends and family snaps now...

Some ceremony sneak peeks below for you to take a look at, next time I will post about the reception xxx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

March 23rd 2013

March 23rd 2013. It was the day that was never coming.... It was the day I had planned for 19 months, the day that there were blood, sweat and tears put into producing. They say an average person spends 100 hours planning their wedding, that sounds like a lot right? But I think I may have actually spent more time than that planning our wedding. And I must say I am so glad that I did because it all went perfectly!!! So much so, I wouldn't change a thing and I want to do it all again!!

The Night Before
The Night before was a fairly relaxed affair. The girls came over and we had a light tea, cold meat, salad and fruit, we sat down and watched bride wars, a bit of the football, black caviar do her thing, and then finished off the night by watching our deb DVD's. Laughing at each other, joking about the hair styles, remembering the people we hadnt seen in years. It felt like a fitting way to spend the night. It was about midnight when we decided to go to bed...not that I could sleep! I was too excited! The last time I checked the time it was 1:30, but I definitely woke up 3-4 times, and then awoke at 5am! I made myself stay in bed until 6am though trying to get some rest before the big day!

The Morning Of

My maid of honour was already up and at it by then, she had got together breakfast for all of us, which was pancakes, toast, yoghurt! I think I managed to eat about half of what I normally would out of anticipation! Then it was time to head off to the hairdressers!!!!

We were served with a beautiful welcome sign, champagne, and a food platter including strawberries, biscuits and chocolate!!!!

It began

We sat around for a little while, but then the photographer arrived and it was all systems go! Time to get ready, dressed the girls first, and then myself. Lots of photos!!! Then the flowers arrived, so more photos, a quick chat with the florist, and before we knew it the cars were there, a few more photos and time to go..

Sitting in the car on the 15 minute journey was so much fun, with my favourite 3 ladies, trying not to tear up too much. We got closer and closer and the excitement just kept building, it was astrange feeling though, it still felt like it wasn't today. Until we got there and "Without You" by Usher started to play. The girls started the walk and before I knew it, it was my turn to walk up the aisle.

To be continued.....